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  • Check the spelling of the name of carefully before searching.
  • Do not include any titles when searching a dog's name.
  • Enter the name at least 3 character, or partial name, or Registration #, or partial registration #
  • Email us ( ) a readable high quality scan of the registration or export pedigree (AKC, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) or your country FCI recognized Kennel Club) or official pedigree of the dog. You do not have a scan? Simply take a high quality photo (with a digital camera or telephone or tablet) so I can read all the information. I will include them in the next update of the database.
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Every effort has been made to make this the most accurate cocker database available to the fancy, however, we can not guarantee that there were no errors in the source materials, that were used to compile this database.

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This site will be updated on a regular basis and corrections will be made as soon as possible after errors are found or reported to us. Please help us by reporting any errors or duplicate entries to:

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Understanding the Data

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(MERLE): beside the colour, (MERLE) indicate the SZ registered cockers. Not all SZ registered cockers are necessary with Merle markings.

STUD BOOK: the official record of registered dog breedings.
Stud Book documents the first time any registered dog (male or female) is used to breed a registered litter of purebred dogs.

COI, ALC and COR CALCULATED for 5 Generations. No guarantee (express or implied) is given.

COI is an acronym for "Coefficient of Inbreeding".
It is a mathematically computed percentage that describes the degree to which two animals are inbred, meaning that one or more ancestors appear more than once in the pedigree.

ALC: A related coefficient percentage is known as the Ancestor Loss Coefficient (ALC).
It describes the degree to which recessive traits from ancestor generations are lost. Another way to think of it is as how many unique ancestors an animal has. If there are no duplicate ancestors, then no unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC = 0%. When there are duplicate ancestors, more and more unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC percentage goes up. Sometimes in the literature, you may see ALC abbreviated as AVK, which stands for the German word AhnenVerlustKoeffizient.

COR: Another related coefficient percentage is known as the Coefficient of Relationship (COR).
It is only calculated for two animals being considered for a potential breeding, and it gives an indication of "how related" those two animals are. Sometimes in the literature, you may see COR abbreviated as RC.
Viewing and use of any of the pages in this database constitutes your agreement, that any use of this data is for your personal use only and will not be used for profit or republishing in any other format, or copied to any other online cocker database.

NOTE: Usage of this site is closely monitored and individuals, who download an excessive amount of pages run the risk of having their access to the site restricted or even blocked. If your research project requires downloading a large number of pages, please contact us at: to let us known.